4 Places to Add on Your Fiji Bucket List

Truly, there are many things to do and places to go to when spending family Fiji holidays. Aside from its colorful culture and brilliant tradition, the most loved in Fiji is its people. If you have read some reviews about traveling in Fiji you will notice that the Fijian locals are mentioned for its warm accommodation.

When you are on a family Fiji holidays, you should be aware that this country is an archipelago in the South Pacific. Meaning, the place itself is surrounded by vast waters and mini islands. To definitely enjoy your stay, it is strongly advised that you sort out first what to do and where to go in Fiji.

Being on a family Fiji holidays may be fun, however, you must put these places on your bucket list when visiting Fiji.

1. The Thermal Spring and Mud Pool in Sabeto

After a long travel you need to rest, and when you think you are all ready to start your adventure, you can now go to this place. The famous mud pool in Sabeto Valley is truly awesome, because you will have to cover yourself in mud. This mud is not an ordinary mud as it has a natural beauty contents to feed your skin. Also, the thermal spa can add therapeutic effect on your body and mind.

2. Top Picked Restaurants

There are a lot of restaurants and cafes to choose from in Fiji, but these are the top three food houses you can go to during meal time. If you are looking for a restaurant with a large array of food choices, just visit Blue Bure. They offer fusion food delicacies ranging from American, Fijian, Italian and Tunisian. For dinner, you can go to Baka Blues Café, a bar food in the Marketplace. You can enjoy their famous Cajun-style fish, along with good choice of wine. Lastly, when you opt for a desert only, try out Audrey’s Island Coffee and Pastries, where you can find the best home-made pastries and coffee.

3. Hang out in Fiji Museum

If you want to explore Fiji from its past all the way down to its present, going to the Fiji Museum will give you all what you want to know about its country. Located in the country’s capital, Suva, the museum is nicely placed inside the botanical gardens of Thurston.

4. Swim and explore the best beaches

It would always be fun to swim and snorkel, especially in the blue waters of Fiji. You can visit Malolo Island, Mana Island, Matamanoa Island and Qalito Island.

Putting these places in your bucket list will surely make your family Fiji holidays unforgettable and awesome. Just make sure you bring with you your cameras to take photos of the beautiful places in Fiji.