Top 10 Fiji Resorts Attractions and Things to Do

Fiji has always been a tourist destination that can offer different features for everyone who wanted to spend a worthy weekend getaway. It is not just about sightseeing, but it is more on the adventure to discover all has to offer. Scuba diving is high on the lists among the visitors. The islands are famous for their coral reefs and are usually as "The Soft Coral Capital of the World". Divers can enjoy in over thousands of species as well as thousands of different coral and sponges. When it comes to diving, this island has it all. 

Adventure tripping in Fiji resorts and hotels is an incredible journey. Packers worldwide will come to Fiji to see and discover the 320 islands. These islands please a person who loves nature and wants to see the pristine beaches, kayaking, go skydiving, or just surf hitting. Fiji is best suited for backpackers and for the opportunities available. For those who want an eco-friendly paradise, Fiji is acknowledged for being a home. In fact, it hosted the worl’d eco-challenge in 2002. This challenge is an adventure race that have gone through the jungles, tropical beaches and limestone diffs.

Things To Dos

A great Fiji adventure is river rafting. The drafts here are the bamboo and it provides the rafter an entirely different experience than what they are utilized to. Aside from the thrill and excitement of rafting, it is a great way to discover the islands, especially the flora and fauna in these specific areas. Another great adventure is the deep sea fishing as these islands are the areas where fishing activity in an unspoiled areas are still possible. An activity that will never be forgotten is the day in marlin fishing. If you are a first time visitor, this is exciting place and it's a perfect education method for those who wants a holiday trip with children.

In Fiji resorts, you will find all the performers in cultural garb of printed cloth that has accessories woven from flowers and leaves. Fire walking is a spectacular sight, most of the hotels on Beqa or Viti Levu will have a performance throughout your stay. Some Fiji resorts and hotels will combine a Lovo together with fire walking. Another great outing is to visit Nadi as it has different marketplaces. You will see the yaqona stalls, their local cultures and can spend time purchasing souvenirs from the artisans.

If you want an adventure of a lifetime, an all inclusive resorts Fiji should be on your top list!