Planning School Excursion at Parks

School excursions need to be properly planned and executed. You have the responsibility of taking care of an entire group of children.

Keep a list of people involved: Prepare a tabulated sheet containing the names of kids, their parent’s name and phone number. Depending on the class strength, you can have assign a teacher to take care of a batch of 5 to 10 kids.

Assign roll numbers to each kid and keep a check on him with the help of that number. In the same sheet, list out names and phone numbers of all the important authorities like the manger and ranger of park, the security office, first aid and emergency office. Also include the contact numbers of all the teachers assigned to take care of the kids. Make sure that every teacher guide in the trip has a copy of the list.

Younger children generally enjoy visits to outdoor parks, theme parks or even studios and museums. If you have the budget, time and ability to plan a trip as per their age group and interest it is always a lot more beneficial.

Tickets and transport: Keep the entry coupons and transport tickets booked in advance so that there is no inconvenience on the day of School excursions Snowy Mountains. Decide what is better between taking kids from school and picking them from certain pick-up points.

Tour guide or rangers: Many a times, you will require a ranger or tour guide to show you around the park in detail. Send in the number of rangers required to the park authorities beforehand so that sufficient guides are allotted to cater to the whole group.