Swimming With a Whale Shark

There has been a surge in the tourist attraction due to the whale shark. It is usually a calm animal unless instigated. As the whale shark is on the verge of extinction the government has to ensure they are protected. Guidelines have been issued to make sure that they are not harassed by tourists and visitors. Senior citizens who are on a holiday vacation found this activity exciting.

Being hit by the whale shark’s body, fins or tail can prove fatal for you so you must exercise caution while going near them and strictly follow the guidelines in order to be safe.

Code of conduct

There are certain necessary guidelines to be followed in the water, around the sharks for self protection as well as welfare of the animals.

  • You must not touch the shark or ride it
  • The path of the shark must not be obstructed and it should be allowed to move around freely
  • A minimum distance of 3 metres must be maintained from the tail of the shark at all times.
  • Do not use your camera on flash mode.
  • Motorised equipment like scuba, jet skiing bikes etc should not be used in the water
  • A maximum of six people or one boat per shark should be allowed in the water
  • Licensed operators make sure that in case of any accidents, you will not be liable to pay for the losses. Their whale shark tour guides are trained for assisting you through the tour as well as handling any medical accidents or situations.

    There are also packages where you can just swim with a whale shark. This is also the best time to use your skills in photography by taking pictures of them.

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